Teaching Reflections for October 8, 2023


To get you started, here is the worship service that this reflection guide references:

Bible Reading (click the timecode to see where the reference happens):
1. John 17 [34:47]

2. Acts 2 [34:14]
3. Gospel of John [50:16]

Observation Questions:
1. What is the main theme of Jesus’ prayer in John 17?
2. What are the four common denominators of the church as mentioned in Acts 2?
3. How does the Gospel of John portray Jesus’ response to people who have messed up or are not very responsive?

Interpretation Questions:
1. How does Jesus’ prayer in John 17 relate to the concept of unity among believers?
2. How do the four common denominators in Acts 2 define the purpose and function of the church?
3. How does Jesus’ response to sinners in the Gospel of John reflect God’s grace and mercy?

Application Questions:
1. How can you contribute to the unity in your church community, as prayed for by Jesus in John 17?
2. Reflecting on the four common denominators from Acts 2, which area do you feel you need to grow in and what steps can you take to do so?
3. Can you recall a time when you felt like an outsider or a sinner? How does knowing Jesus’ response to such people in the Gospel of John comfort or challenge you?
4. What is one way you can demonstrate your faith through your actions to someone who has messed up or is not very responsive?
5. How can you actively participate in sharing the good news and transforming lives in your community?

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