Teaching Reflections for October 22, 2023 “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: What Do We Do?”

To get you started, here is the worship service that this reflection guide references:


1.Understanding the Mission of the Church: Michael emphasizes that everything done in the church is about missions and equipping people to be missionaries in the world. The Great Commission is not just for a specialized few but for all believers. The goal is to make more disciples and share the good news of life in Jesus. ([52:28])

2. The Role of the Church in Missions: Michael discusses the importance of missions in the church. He mentions that everything done in the church, from worship to fellowship, is under the umbrella of missions. The church is called to take the message of the Gospel to those who need it, not just once but over and over again. ([37:53])

3. The Importance of Sharing the Good News: Michael emphasizes the importance of sharing the good news to transform lives. He mentions that while churches are involved in many activities, all these activities should culminate in sharing the good news. The message of the Gospel is what makes the church different. ([43:51])

4. The Call to Follow Jesus: Michael discusses the call to follow Jesus, which may require leaving behind what sustains our lives. He emphasizes that we are ministers of reconciliation and ambassadors for Christ. It is through us that God makes his appeal to the world. ([58:37])

5. The Responsibility to Share the Good News: The minister emphasizes the responsibility of believers to share the good news. He mentions that it is our responsibility to take the message to the next generation and ensure they are prepared to share the same good news. The message we take to the world is simple: we serve a God who loved us enough to send his son to die for us. ([01:00:36])

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