Come As You Are

What To Expect

Come As You Are
We have a casual but modest dress culture here at Madison, no matter what the service or occasion. Come as you are! We want you to feel welcome and comfortable.

Cry Room
Jesus LOVES babies, and so do we.  However, if you are  a parent who prefers a quiet, yet attached place to calm an upset child, our cry room allows you to continue to watch and listen. It’s located in the rear of our main auditorium if you need just a place.

We believe in Remembering Christ Jesus by gathering around table to share in the “Lords Supper”. Because of  COVID concerns, prepackaged bread and fruit of the vine is provided as you enter.

We have an offering on a weekly basis during our worship gathering.  There are several ways to contribute for your convenience.

USPS: PO Box 419, Madison TN, 37116
Mobile: Text “madison” to 73256
in-person: look for a designated container for your contribution.
Please know, your contributions are very appreciated and the Madison Church makes every effort to practice good stewardship with the financial gifts you provide.

We believe in water immersion and have a heated baptismal including his/her changing rooms. Jesus says to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of sins! When you are ready to commit to Christ, our baptistry is open and ready.

Are you a guest this week?  We have special, convenient parking just for you.  If you have a vehicle tag for a disability, ADA Parking is abundant and appropriately located to our entrances. A covered entrance can be used for drop offs (great option in unfavorable weather.)

Building Map
Our facility is expansive, spanning 3 floors. New members and guests may feel overwhelmed navigating around.  Do not hesitate to ask someone. Our congregation is friendly and welcoming and LOVEs to help. We also have an Information kiosk just across from the  ROOTS cafe coffee shop.  Please stop by and ask any questions or just say hello! We want to get to know you!

Bible Classes
Most of our Bible classes meet on Sunday but not all of them! Bible classes meet just after worship service. More information can be found our Adult Bible Classes, HisKidz, or 412 Student Ministry pages.

A Mission Mindset

The main mission of the Madison Church of Christ is to reach the lost and hurting and help them find comfort and salvation in Christ Jesus.  If you are missing something in your life, are unhappy or unfulfilled, come see us.  We have “been there” ourselves, and we can tell you just how a strong relationship with Jesus has helped us find peace.

Share the Good News!!!

Tranforming Lives!

As we are on our way together, our mission is to bear witness to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His love for us compels us to share this news that transforms our lives! Won’t you join us as we work in our local and foreign mission fields?

Member Testimonials

Our family is growing and we’d love for you to grow with us. Learn how Madison Church of Christ is transforming lives as you read a few personal testimonies that will hopefully be a call to action for you and your walk with Jesus.