We love UKRAINE!

Madison has supported multiple native missionaries for over 20 years in Ukraine.  The Ukrainian Bible Institute (UBI) has done many wonderful works with the support provided by the Madison family throughout our time together.  Having been forced to flee the war torn area of Donetsk several years ago, they now have planted and grown roots in the capital city of Kiev.  They continue to produce many preaching graduates each year and continue to work with local hospitals and orphanages.  They have a growing church as well and love to have special programs for the children.  We look forward to continuing to support and develop lifelong friendships with our missionaries in the Ukraine and the Lord is doing such powerful work there in reaching the lost.

As the world knows, Ukraine is in the midst of a terrible crisis. Please join us in praying for all of the people of Ukraine and specifically for those Christians that still look to serve God in spite of the turmoil around them. God is in control! Psalm 46.

Valley View Camp Fellowship

Our Ukrainian brothers and sisters enjoyed a beautiful weekend at Valley View Camp. Madison Church joined them for a morning of worship, lunch and fellowship. Keep our Ukrainian family in your prayers as they continue to cope with the war.

Meet Natasha Maliuga

Natasha serves as the heart and soul of the Sunset International Bible Institute location in Kyiv. She has been with our Madison family since 1999. Her work at UBI (Ukrainian Bible Institute) is centered around school administration and translation. She is truly the key cog in the operation. She is also very involved in the local congregation in Kyiv that was established in 2015 after moving from Donetsk. Natasha helps with many different ministries including benevolence work, children and teen ministries, special events and many others. She coordinates the support that Madison supplies for needs of orphans, children hospitals and working with the elderly.

Meet Sergey Chubemko

Sergey serves as the only full time minister at the Poznyaki congregation. He has many jobs. He teaches Bible lessons and works at the children center (orphanage) along with his wife. He is in charge of the church facility and takes care of the cleaning and inventory. He also does a lot of driving for the church family. As you can see, Sergey does it ALL! His wife, Ludmila helps by being a Sunday School teacher and is a great decorator and shows her talent by decorating for all the church events. Sergey and Ludmila have a passion for the people of Ukraine and they put their entire lives into living the Great Commission.

Meet Bogden Yasinsky

Bogdan Yasinsky graduated from the Ukrainian Bible Institute and now works along with his family in Dnipro, Ukraine.   He has a special passion for the youth of Ukraine and giving them opportunities to learn about Jesus in many ways.  He invests much of his work with the local orphanage and works to develop relationships with them in their younger years and brings them to the church on a consistent basis.  The desire is to see them remain in the church once they are too old for the orphanage.  Bogdan has a special focus on youth sports and camps and spends a lot of time showing them the Christian example of Jesus which has led to many baptisms and growth for the church in Dnipro.  He also spends time in the streets meeting people and providing them with Bibles and encouraging them to come visit the church.

Meet Doug and Marge Reeves

So how did we get to Ukraine? We became invested in the country through Sunset International Bible Institute and became partners with Doug and his wife Marge have been supported by Madison for more than 30 yrs.  They have lived the mission field and helped start many preacher training schools across the globe.  Through Sunset Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX, they have reached new souls across the world in many places.  Their tie to Madison is through the Ukrainian Bible Institute that they have worked tirelessly to support over the years.  They helped to connect our church with the several native missionaries in Ukraine and continue to be a resource to us in many ways as we help support that work.  Doug travels to all the mission points and is a constant source of encouragement and support for them.



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Latin America

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