Our Latin america work

Rex Morgan has led our Latin American media ministry for nearly 40 years and has literally pioneered how to reach the Spanish-speaking Lost through media and has become an invaluable resource to churches and preachers all over Latin America who have limited or no resources for evangelism and discipleship.  His partnership with Madison originally started in Papua New Guinea in the late 1970s then moved to South Florida in the early 1980s.


His radio programming is now on more stations in more remote areas than ever with responses for prayer and Bible studies coming in daily, including from Cuba.  Rex launched his outreach website (www.cpioutreach.com) over 10 years ago that’s now an easy-to-use mobile app under the name of La Voz Alegre (“The Happy Voice”).  These resources, which will soon include podcasts, include an incredible library of free radio and TV programming to be shared in both English and Spanish as a tool for evangelism to our Spanish-speaking neighbors and friends.  Rex also conducts training seminars all over Latin America training Hispanic ministers on how to use radio to preach the gospel in Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, and many other countries.


Please keep Rex and Brenda Morgan in your prayers as they continue to serve faithfully and sacrificially for the Kingdom.



We are so excited about our sister congregation in El Rosario, Baja Mexico. Learn more about our family mission trips each year!


We are proud to partner and support native missionaries in Kyiv, Ukraine thru the local Sunset International Bible Institute campus.


We support and are committed to a vibrant Christian community in multiple locations across Cuba. Check out what God is doing in Cuba!

Latin America

Madison has partnered with Rex and Brenda Morgan and team for over 30 years. The impact that they have made in Latin America is