Our family in Cuba!

Madison’s mission outreach on the island of Cuba officially began in 2012 with our partnership with Roberto & Milan Pino, elder and evangelist of the largest church in Cuba near downtown Havana.  Roberto is also the dean of the Bible Institute in Havana. which trains future ministers of the church in seminar, bachelor, and graduate-level programs.  Madison also supports works in the city of Trinidad with the Sori family along with providing training programs for radio broadcasting and benevolence support all over Cuba

The history of the church in Cuba began nearly 100 years ago, but since 1958 when the communist regime took over the church has endured great suffering and obstacles to share the Good News, but through faithful perseverance the church has grown to hundreds of local churches that mirror the 1st century church of the New Testament. 

The primary focus of our mission effort in Cuba, a population of nearly 12 million souls on the largest island in the Western Hemisphere, is to provide relief and encouragement to the church in order for local congregations to be the beacon of hope to the suffering and downtrodden with an emphasis on the youth and elderly who are the most overlooked by the Cuban government.

Roberto and Milan Pino



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We are proud to partner and support native missionaries in Kyiv, Ukraine thru the local Sunset International Bible Institute campus.


We support and are committed to a vibrant Christian community in multiple locations across Cuba. Check out what God is doing in Cuba!

Latin America

Madison has partnered with Rex and Brenda Morgan and team for over 30 years. The impact that they have made in Latin America is