Teaching Reflections for October 15, 2023 “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: What Do We Do? Part 1”

To get you started, here is the worship service that this reflection guide references:


1. Reflect on the sermon’s exploration of Acts chapter 2, 42 to 47. Discuss the importance of teaching, fellowship, breaking bread, and prayer in creating a desire to be the church in the world. How can we apply these principles in our daily lives? [49:30]

2. Discuss the concept of surrendering everything to God. What are some things that you struggle to let go of? How can we encourage each other to fully surrender to God’s will? ([49:30])

3. Read Matthew chapter 25 together. Discuss the implications of this passage for our lives. How does this passage challenge our understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ? ([50:32])

4. Reflect on the importance of knowing each other’s names and stories within the church community. How can we foster a deeper sense of community and connection within our congregation? ([40:28])

5. Discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding our words and actions. How can we discern when we are truly being led by the Spirit? ([41:31])

6. Reflect on the importance of raising children in the instruction of the Lord. How can we support families in our congregation in this task? How can we partner with our children’s minister to provide a strong spiritual foundation for our children? ([15:55])

7. Discuss the concept of being salt and light in the world. How can we shine the light of Christ in our communities in a way that is loving and respectful? ([01:03:56])

8. Reflect on the questions posed at the end of the sermon. Who are the “least of Christ’s brothers and sisters” around us? How can we encounter and serve these individuals? What do we discover about God and ourselves in these encounters? ([01:05:24])

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