Teaching Reflections for October 29, 2023 “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: What Do We Do?”

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Here’s a link to the video in case you would like to review:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RpBgDAIbwc
Study Guide:

1. **The Heritage and Future of the Church** ([43:13])
– Reflect on the heritage of your church and its impact on your faith journey.
– Discuss the statement “our greatest hour lies ahead” and what it means for your church community.
– How can you contribute to the future growth and impact of your church?

2. **The Role of the Church in Society** ([43:50])
– Discuss the changes and growth your church has experienced over the decades.
– How has your church responded to societal changes and needs?
– What role does your church play in your local community and in the world?

3. **The Power and Presence of God** ([44:29])
– Reflect on the statement “God is still working and God is still powerful.”
– How have you experienced God’s power and presence in your life and in your church?
– Discuss ways your church can continue to follow and serve God in the present and future.

4. **Unity and Love in the Church** ([45:07])
– Discuss the importance of unity, love, and shared purpose in the church.
– How can your church foster a stronger sense of community and shared mission?
– Reflect on the statement “we can be the church that changes the world.”

5. **Surrender and Selflessness** ([45:45])
– Reflect on the quote from C.S. Lewis about giving up oneself.
– Discuss the concept of surrender and selflessness in the Christian faith.
– How can you practice surrender and selflessness in your daily life and in your church community?

6. **Living Sacrifices and Transformation** ([47:36])
– Discuss the concept of offering our bodies as living sacrifices as described in Romans 12:1-2.
– How can you live out this call to be a living sacrifice in your daily life?
– Discuss the process of transformation through the renewing of the mind.

7. **The Mercies of God** ([48:12])
– Reflect on the mercies of God as described in Romans 11.
– How have you experienced God’s mercy in your life?
– Discuss the role of God’s mercy in the life of the church and in the world.

8. **Jesus as Our Everything** ([01:04:40])
– Reflect on the passage from John 3:14-18 and the song lyrics shared in the sermon.
– Discuss the statement “He is my everything.”
– How can you make Jesus your everything in your daily life and in your church community?

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