Pulpit Minister Applicant Information


Pulpit Minister Job Description

The Pulpit Minister for the Madison Church of Christ must be a man who is a servant of Christ and follows the Word of God in his daily life.  He must be a man of compassion and of the highest moral character who loves his fellow man as Christ loves his Church as he will be looked upon as the spiritual leader of the Madison Church of Christ.


The Minister will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The Minister will have a love for the lost, and will personally teach and evangelize to bring others to the Lord.
  • The Minister must have the desire to help the church grow in depth and in numbers working in tandem with and supporting the Elders to achieve the recently announced Vision for Madison.
  • The Minister receives direction from the Elders and participates in weekly meetings.
  • The Minister serves as the Elder liaison leading the church staff to assure that activities are in line with objectives and budget.
  • The Minister helps to develop staff with guidance and evaluation.
  • The Minister will be available for prayer, and counseling for members.
  • Apart from preaching and teaching duties, the Minister conducts funerals and weddings as requested.
  • The Minister organizes his day/week to visit hospitalized patients and shut-ins.
  • The Minister will represent the church within the community.
  • He will be a member of the church of Christ.
  • Preferred candidates will have at least ten years of preaching experience, a Master’s degree or more, and proper references from elders and professors from previous congregations and universities.
  • The preferred candidate would be a married man with children and his family will be active participants in the church.